Right in Front!

It’s very rare that I’m not blessed with a parking spot when I need one. If you know Los Angeles, you know that parking is one of many things people complain about. I truly believe if we stop complaining about our circumstances and start expecting the best possible outcomes, we’ll get what we want, if not better!

On my way home one evening I decided to stop by my friend’s place at the last minute. The parking on her street tends to be a little hectic at all times of ever day, but I wasn’t worried. As I exited the freeway and rounded the corner of my friend’s street, I said “okay Lord, I need a spot right out front.” Now did I need a spot right out front? No. But it was dark and I didn’t want to have to walk much of a distance. I instantly saw a spot across the street from the apartment building next to my friend’s place.

I pulled into the parking spot, but had a feeling that I didn’t quite fit. I got out of the car and saw that a significant part of the back of my car was hanging in the entrance of a driveway. I got back in the car and attempted to inch my way up as far as possible, but still didn’t quite fit.

How often do we try to fit into a situation we were never meant to be in?

I looked across the street in front of my friend’s building but didn’t see any open spots, just two massive SUVs and cars lined up on the outside of them. I decided to drive pass to make sure my spot wasn’t there before circling the area. I started the car, backed out of the pseudo parking spot and drove by to see my blessing. I quickly made a u-turn and pulled into the very spot I initially expected, right in front of the entrance to my friend’s apartment.

How often do we settle for what appears to be a good or okay thing, but isn’t quite the God thing?

How often do we lower our expectations for what we’re believing God for, because we don’t see it?

Sometimes our views can be distorted, giving us a false sense that we have to settle for good despite best being right up ahead. We never have to settle for good when we’re walking with God!

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