My friends invited me over for dinner on the opposite side of town. Since we don’t get to see each other very often due to conflicting schedules, I made the trip with no hesitation. I needed to take the freeway (the 405 to be exact) and just as everything seemed to be moving smoothly, I saw police flashers in my rearview mirror. The flow of traffic slowed down and I said to myself “I hope they (the police) aren’t about to cut off the lanes.” If you know anything about LA, you know that the freeways, (especially the 405), can literally turn into a parking lot. Just then, the cop car cut off traffic parking his car sideways in front of both lanes, and from my view, in front of the off ramp to the 405. I could feel the aggression of the other drivers rising, and after assessing the situation, I actively chose not to be one of them. What did I do you ask? Well, I drove around.

Although the cop car cut off both lanes, there was plenty of room to still drive behind it to take the off ramp. As I passed the cop car I saw the car accident that the police were responding to only a few feet away, which I’m sure had I just waited for however long, I would have merrily been delayed on my journey.

How often do we allow a roadblock to stop us on our journey when we can just go around it?

Just because we hit a roadblock, doesn’t mean we have to allow it to be an excuse for stopping on our journey.

Keep on pushing through!



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