When The Sun Sets

I got off work a little earlier than usual and decided to go running. I knew I could make it from the beginning of the trail, to the end, before it got dark. Too dark anyway. From the moment I took my first step, I knew I was on the clock to beat darkness since there are no lights along the path. The darker it got, the faster I ran.

About midway, I saw people taking pictures in front of the horizon. I can testify that per usual, it was a beautiful sight, but I also recognized that every second of my journey mattered.

How often do we delay and distract ourselves with things that have nothing to do with our journey or goals?

By the time I reached the second part of the trail, there was barely any light. I didn’t realize just how distorted my vision would be as I tried to see my way to the bottom. I had to trust that I wouldn’t fall on the uneven rocky trail. Once I finally reached the bottom, it was completely dark before I exited the trail, where I was graced with streetlights that lit the pathway back to my car.

Once we begin a new level, the clock is ticking before the sun sets. If we wait too long before reaching the next level, we may encounter darkness. But the Lord will always light our path again.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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