Offload The Unnecessary

I don’t know about you, but the storage on my iPhone seems to be full on a very regular basis. I only notice just how full it is when I go to take a picture and get a message telling me so. After taking a couple handfuls worth of photos of my friends, I received an iPhone storage is full message when I wanted to take a photo of myself.

From there, like I’m sure most of you have done, I go through and delete old photos I don’t think I’ll ever actually look for again. I comb through my apps and offload and delete ones that I haven’t used in ages, as well as iMessages and gifs from conversations taking up space. After doing all of that, I go back to take the photo and still get the same message. How can my phone be just as full the second time, as it was the first, even though I got rid of a small fraction of what was taking up the storage?

I can’t live like this. As a last resort, I reset my phone to gain back storage I should have , and get rid of everything I truly don’t need. When my phone is restored and the apps I need have re-downloaded, taking up the proper amount of space, I’m finally able to get that one photo I want.

How often do we extend ourselves to friends, family and acquaintances only to realize we’ve over extended our time, money, patience and the works, and no longer have any for ourselves when we need it?

We realize we’re tapped out when we have nothing else to give. As much as we may want to, we cannot be everything for everyone, and neglect our needs as well. Reclaim your storage and offload the unnecessary (apps) occupying more capacity than you can actually afford to give.

Happy Friday! Have a restful weekend!

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