Stay Ready!

My friend and I took a lovely trip to Mexico this past week. After ziplining in Hawaii a few months ago, we decided to incorporate it into this trip as well. We signed up for an all day excursion that included snorkeling, ziplining, and ATV riding.

This zipline tour was slightly different than the one in Hawaii. We weren’t allowed to carry our phones, and we had to keep one hand on the track while going across (at least when sitting up).

Out of our group, I was last in line for each zipline. Do you ever feel you’re the last to go, get promoted, or transition into that blessing you’ve been waiting for?

When it was finally my turn, I was asked to step up on a box, so the guide could attach my gear to the line I’d be riding across. I was ready, and my heart was pumping; however, just because I was ready to go, didn’t mean it was my time. I had to wait for the person ahead of me to land on the platform on the other side, and get unhooked from the line to clear the way. Once she stepped aside, I was free and clear.

Sometimes we’re ready for our blessing, and ready to move, but the Lord needs us to patiently wait a little longer, while he moves the person ahead of us.

Stay ready, because when it’s your time, it’s your time!


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