My Now Deserves My All

Per my usual routine, I went to a hiking trail for a morning run. I’ve been building my endurance to run the whole trail without stopping. I got to a point where I could run the first half, walk half of the second half which is a slight incline, and then run the remaining hill and downhill.

On this particular day, I ran from the beginning to the end of the trail, touched the pole at the bottom, turned around and ran back to the beginning. Without stopping. Without overthinking. Although I knew I was running, I allowed my mind to focus on the end goal rather than the in between, and what was next. I had been walking between the end of the first half and midway point of the second half of the run, because I consistently thought about what was next. The steep and long hill was always next. Why exert my energy leading up to it, only to not have any when I get there? I had to learn that I was going to have the energy, and I was going to overcome my adversary. Before I knew it, I finished the trail.

Sometimes we’re so focused on what’s next, that we don’t give our now, our all. Let’s not wait for what’s next to do our best and push ourselves, let’s do it now!

Finish out the week strong!

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