Gradual Changes

Over the course of a few weeks, everyday I walked home from the gym, I saw workers fixing up the outside of an apartment building, and cleaning out what seemed to be large pot holders. The pot holders were about 3ft wide and 4 ft deep. At one point, I walked by them and saw nothing but filth on the inside. Over time, they were cleaned out, filled with new dirt, and finally after weeks of seeing the gradual changes, lively plants appeared on top. It was the equivalent of putting icing on the cake.

Sometimes we’re in such a rush to receive the end product of whatever we’re praying for, that we fail to realize the gradual change already occurring over time.

If there were no process, those plants would just sit in the pot holder without any dirt, without any source of nourishment, and fail to survive. We will not be ready for our promise, if we don’t go through our process.

Enjoy your process, and the the rest of your week!

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