Going Blind

The other day I was driving down the street and needed to make a U-turn. There wasn’t going to be enough room to do it, without slightly driving into the adjacent street. No problem, I thought to myself, the street is clear. As I was making the turn, another vehicle approached the intersection. I then had to make a U-turn behind this man’s truck. I prepared to make a right, while he attempted to make a left. I slightly inched up to see the oncoming traffic. He did the same. At this point, his truck completely obstructed my view. As he inched further and further into the intersection, I wanted to follow his lead and just make my turn under the assumption I was in the clear. Not that I was in a rush, but the man had already slowed me down.

How often do we follow other people’s leads without establishing a clear view for ourselves?

Once the driver turned left, I waited until I could clearly see everything that what was coming my way, before safely making the turn.

Too often we get restless and blindly make moves, just because we see our friends and peers moving forward. In the interest of time, we do what we can to keep up, when really we just need to turn when it’s our time.

Happy Monday – may you reap your harvest in due season!

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