Paying Attention

After closing down for three months, one of my favorite hiking locations reopened. It’s clear that a lot of people have missed it, hence the traffic jams in the parking lot. After finishing a great hike, I returned to my car located in the parking lot. As I walked to my car, I passed several cars sitting in line waiting to get a parking spot. I tried to get the attention of a driver sitting in a car almost directly behind mine, to let the her know I was leaving. The driver didn’t pay me any attention and missed the opportunity to take my spot, only to pull up to the car sitting and waiting a few feet in front of her. I tried to get the attention of the second car as well, but that driver paid me no attention either. Maybe they thought I was going to walk a little further. Or maybe their mind was on the next car they thought was leaving.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life is like driving? When we see people inch up in a parking lot, we feel like we have to stay close to get that next spot too?!

Finally the driver of the car that was now closest to mine, made direct eye contact with me, and turned on his signal. I pulled out in one fell swoop, and he gracefully pulled into the spot that could have been taken by the two drivers ahead of him, had they been paying attention.

How often are we so focused on the next opportunity, that we miss the door that is opening right in front of us?

All the same, when we see other people rushing to their next opportunity, we need to assess the situation around us, before we miss our blessing by rushing too.

Happy Monday! May the blessings overflow this week!

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