Streamlined Backwards

My friend and I went on a beautiful hike at Sturtevant Falls. To get to the waterfall at the end, we had to hike 1.8 miles alongside beautiful rocks, around a million lady bugs, and across a couple streams. As we headed to the first stream, we found ourselves behind two women with two children, one of which was in a decently sized, but not massively large, stroller. A couple hikers headed toward us, stopped the woman in the stroller and said, “You won’t be able to get that stroller across the stream.”

The woman responded, “Is it big?”

The hikers replied, “Yeah. You’ll have a hard time getting across.”

My friend and I walked around the women and children as they debated about continuing their journey to the waterfall. Shortly thereafter, my friend and I arrived at the first stream. I can honestly say that based on the description the other hikers gave, it wasn’t at all what I expected. The stream was small, and required us to walk on the rocks acting as stepping stones, only to avoid getting our shoes wet. Otherwise, it would have been nothing to just walk across, even for the woman with the stroller.

How often do we allow other people to talk us out of our blessing, because they think the path we’re on looks just like theirs?

Or they think that because we are carrying a few extra items on our journey, we will automatically have additional trouble.

Too often, we allow other people to get into our heads and talk us right out of our blessings. Instead of giving up based on someone else’s limited faith, continue on your journey knowing you will successfully cross the ocean if need be.

Happy Monday!

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