No Time To Waste

A friend of mine was hosting an event to launch her app on a weeknight. I went home after work to freshen up, and since I planned to drive, I parked across the street without considering that there was street cleaning the next morning. One of my friends offered to drive us, so I displaced the location of my car from my mind. We went to the event and had a good time. I went home and didn’t give my car a second thought. 

The next morning I woke up, read the word, worked out, made breakfast, and it wasn’t until 8:17am that I jumped up asking myself where I parked my car. I grabbed my car key and darted out of the house only to be met with a parking ticket on the windshield of my car. $73. Just. Great. Well, since I had 21 days to pay it, which in my mind computed to 30, I had every intention of waiting until the last minute to do so. I don’t like to waste money, and since this was avoidable, I felt as though I was throwing money down the non existent drains in LA. 

I left the parking ticket on my computer keyboard so that I would remember to pay it. It wasn’t until about 15 days after receiving the ticket that I looked at it again. Whoops. I definitely allowed myself to believe I had an additional 15 days to pay. 

Too often we convince ourselves that we have more time to complete a task then we actually do. 

On day 21, I grudgingly paid the $73 + $2 for a convenience fee. I’m sure we all know what happens when parking tickets go unpaid right?

How many of us allow more time than we are allotted to pass, thereby costing us more than we have to give? Financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. 

Every assignment has a deadline, and when we exceed the time limit, we only hurt ourselves. His timing is perfect, so let’s do what we can to stay on track! 

Be blessed!

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