Doubtless Seeds Planted, Wants and Needs Granted!

1. I have a no blessing left behind policy.
2. Whatever you are praying/waiting for, do it patiently, expectantly, and without doubt. If He put it on your heart, you will receive it.
3. Be mindful of who is standing in agreement with you and who is standing in opposition of you.

I went to a wrap party for a sitcom the other night. The theme was casino night and everyone received a ticket for the raffle when they entered the venue, along with a fake bill that you could cash in for poker chips. By the end of the night I had more than doubled my chips. My friend gave me the ones she had left as well to cash out, in exchange for tickets to a drawing. When I received the tickets, I prayed on them and didn’t ask the Lord for anything, but instead thanked Him in advance for the prizes I was going to be blessed with. I knew I was blessed and favored and so was my friend. I didn’t ask her to pray with me, but in my mind I said we were standing in agreement together.

When it was time for the drawing I waited EXPECTANTLY for my tickets to be called, with zero doubt. After a few prizes had been given away, my first ticket was called. I won a poker set, and I gratefully walked to the front to collect it. I went back to my seat and expectantly waited for another one of my tickets to be called, and shortly after, it was. I handed the ticket to my friend to go collect another one of the poker sets that was being given away.

She looked at me and said, “Girl, I don’t want that.”
I looked at her and said, “Girl, you better go get that.”

She then happily walked to the front to get her new poker set. Now there was still a big box sitting on the stage. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I wanted it. A ticket was called and a youngin’ walked to the front to get his big box. The next thing I know, the announcer asked if anyone wanted to trade in their poker set. I instantly raised my hand and went to the front.

I handed the kid his new poker set, and he handed me my new Vitamix. I never knew I wanted one, until I had one.

This isn’t about the Vitamix, but it is to say that the Lord knows what we want and what we need, even when we don’t. It is our job to maintain our faith without throwing in the towel too soon. And sometimes what we’re praying for is subpar to what He has for us.

Have you ever dismissed what appeared to be a small blessing, while your heart was set on a bigger blessing?

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