Outer Perfection. Inner Deception.

One of my least time consuming morning tasks is making my bed. Despite wrinkling the sheets every night when I go to sleep, I like the feeling of order, and the look and feel of a bed that is made. On this particular morning I started my day a few minutes late, setting everything behind. While attempting to accomplish my morning tasks and goals, I rushed through some things. I fixed the comforter on top of my bed, straightened out the pillows, and created the appearance that my my bed was made. If anyone walked pass my room, to their eyes, the bed would look picture perfect. I looked back in my room before leaving and felt uneasy about the deceptive appearance I created, because I knew that the sheets underneath were out of order and a crumpled mess.

I quickly pulled back the comforter and neatly straightened out the sheets, tucked the edges under the mattress and pushed the comforter back into place. At that moment, I could leave for work with peace of mind, knowing that the inside reflected the outside.

How often do we portray a false outer appearance when our internal reality is a mess? Did you post a picture from that event that you really didn’t enjoy, but you look extra happy? What about that relationship that you have no business being in, but the likes and validation you get from social media fuel that glamorous outward perception,  suppressing your inner truth?

There is no shame in not having it all together, all the time. Thank God for knowing right where we are, and never needing to take anything for Him. Our messes are nothing to be imprisoned to, but rather circumstances that can change and messages to be shared, as we strive for greatness!

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