Changing Lanes

I’m sure many of you have experienced other people’s inability to follow the rules of the road. Other drivers make their own laws to follow and operate according to their schedule, wants and needs. I was driving down the street and was unintentionally riding in the blind spot of the SUV next to me. The driver flicked on his turn signal and shortly there after attempted to change lanes. I politely honked my horn to let him know that he did not have the right away, nor was he in the clear to make that move. Had I not warned him that it wasn’t time, he would’ve caused a collision thereby delaying himself from arriving at his destination and causing set backs in his life and mine. 

Just because you put on your turn signal, doesn’t mean you’re ready to change lanes. It does however mean that our eyes need to be open, and we need to be prepared to make our move when it is time. 

How often are we ready to shift gears, whether that entails changing jobs, moving, or starting something new, without having fully fleshed out the idea, or assessed the situation? 

God already knows what we want, what we need, and when we need it. We can tell him that we’re ready for whatever it is we’ve been praying for, and attempt to make our own moves in our own time, or we can wait on Him for the perfect time while we prepare. Isaiah 60:22 says “I the Lord will hasten it in his time.” Sometimes we haven’t changed lanes because He either needs to move someone out of the position we’re going to change into, or because He is waiting on someone to do their part and make a move. Either way, if we stay ready to change lanes, when it’s time, it will happen without force and without a collision from our blind spot.

Keep working your lane!

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