Slowing Down.

You know those times when you’re driving and the light turns yellow, but instead of slowing down, you want to speed up and bypass the red light? I was headed to brunch and got a few minutes behind due to unforeseen traffic. Once the flow of traffic picked up, I was cruising along and set to arrive at my destination at a decent time. I was behind an SUV that was driving at a reasonable speed, and as we approached the top of the hill, the light turned yellow. I planned to cruise right through it along with the SUV and continue on my journey without delay. I however didn’t, and I caught the red light. I didn’t think I would have enough time to make it through, but once I saw how long it took the stop light to turn red, I said to myself “ugh, I could’ve made that.” But how often do we try to speed up when we really need to slow down?

Once the light turned green I continued on my way down the road, and low and behold, who did I wind up right behind, caught in another segment of traffic? The same SUV I was previously behind. Had I sped through the yellow light, I would have been in the exact same location as when I waited at the red light.

How often do we try to expedite our careers or life goals when we see our friends, family or acquaintances achieving theirs at a faster rate? Sometimes it’s hard feeling as though you’re getting left behind because your best friend got a promotion, or married, or bought a new house while you’re still striving to reach the same goal, but at the same time, you have no idea what struggles and delays are up ahead for them, or how specific areas in your own life will be accelerated. I have a friend who was an assistant for 5 years waiting for a promotion or a new job, and once she got it, she bypassed the ideal next step of becoming a coordinator, and then manager, to become a director of a company. Sometimes all it takes is for us to slow down, stay in our own lanes, and trust His timing, because it really is perfect!


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