My Race. God’s Pace!

I had not prepared to run nearly as fast as I did, and although I made it to my destination, I did it on someone else's time. How often do we try to bypass God's timing to get to our destination, and run our race at our competitive pace?

Slowing Down.

How often do we try to expedite our careers or life goals when we see our friends, family or acquaintances achieving theirs at a faster rate? Sometimes it's hard feeling as though you're getting left behind because ...

Changing Lanes

Just because you put on your turn signal, doesn't mean you're ready to change lanes. It does however mean that our eyes need to be open, and we need to be prepared to make our move when it is time...

Fear Be Gone. Focus On.

After living in Los Angeles for five years, I had yet to see a coyote until last week. It was an early morning, and I was walking to the gym minding my own business, and thinking about the workout I planned to crush.